Yoga for Lovers

With an eclectic mix of ancient sacred erotic exercises and contemporary relationship wisdom, Yoga for Lovers is a monthly class for committed couples who want to experience deep Tantric Oneness. No downward dog or plank poses in this one-of-a-kind yoga class; rather, YFL is yoga of the heart, mind, spirit. Fully clothed, this class focuses on a different relationship theme every month through the lens of Tantra. We begin in a opening circle where you'll meet couples just like you. The exercises of the month are introduced and discussed, and then you'll find a quiet corner of the room to practice. Finally, the circle reconvenes to share epiphanies and laughter.


If your relationship is less than three month's old, this isn't your class. With erotic energy and unconditional love, Tantra will take you deep into the psyche--just another name for the throne room of God--where mysteries and miracles play.


$60/couple for a two hour class. Meets every third Saturday (generall speaking) at B Yoga.  Roses, chocolates, wine, and candles complimentary. Reservations required. Click the Reservations button and scroll down to Yoga for Lovers.