Tantric Wedding Package

You are getting married, and everything about you is nothing like you've ever experienced before. You two have the relationship of your dreams, and you want to do everything possible to go even deeper in your incredible love for each other. This Tantra wedding package is for you, because the beginning of your life together is the optimum time to develop habits of happily ever after.

Very few Tantra practitioners ever reach Maithuna--the deepest level of Oneness possible for human beings--and very few dakinis offer this training. Be warned: once you experience the Oneness of Maithuna, there is no going back.


Living in Tantra is the only place you'll find this amazing Maithuna wedding package. It includes Tantra Basics for BeginnersMaithuna Garden, designing your one-of-a kind ceremony, and optional, officiating your beautiful wedding at no extra charge. Suggested donation $2400.