I have cyberbully, and you might encounter him on February 21.

February 11, 2018


My Dear Friends and Colleagues,


I have had an e-stalker for almost a year now. He is an ex-boyfriend, and he communicates half-truths and lies in mountains of hate email. Over the last 12 months he has contacted my boss, the District 51 school board, my landlords, child protection, the police, the parent of a former Tantra student (who contacted him asking him to leave me alone), and even many of you, saying I am a prostitute, a charlatan, that I expose children to pornography and that I teach a dangerous form of Tantra. Lately, he has threatened that on my birthday, February 21, 2018 he will “inform the people of Grand Junction” that I am “demon-possessed,” and that he will contact every yoga instructor in the Grand Junction area. You can read his original email here, if you wish.


Cyber bullying is a serious problem affecting people of all ages and a crime under state law. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research, and if you have been affected by your own cyber bully or mine, there are things you can do.

  • Other than making it clear Bully does not have your permission to contact you or your colleagues, do not engage him or her; instead tell your support system, including a lawyer and people you reasonably expect him to contact. Your lawyer can send a Cease and Desist letter and help you compile a legal case. If you receive disturbing correspondence from my cyber bully, I invite you to send it to me as evidence for my case, and of course, to ask me any questions you have about his allegations. I thank the many of you who already have.

  • Libel and cyber bullying are against Google user policy, so if you receive unwanted email from his or any other Gmail account, you can report it here, and of course, you can block his address. If you know what internet service provider Bully uses, alert the ISP their customer is in violation of user policy, and send them copies of the e-mail.

  • Just reading someone’s venom whether it’s directed at you or someone you know can result in emotional bee stings, and it’s important to treat the emotional wound just like a physical one with excellent self-care: exercise, healthy food, rest, meditation, the comfort of friends, platonic or romantic touch, pouring out love, are my favorites. Stay in witness consciousness and make no decisions for action from pain; remember, the first order of business is ALWAYS to feel better. If you have a bee sting, whether from my bully or your own, please take advantage of a free 30-minute Tantric healing session I’m offering just for this issue.

  • Finally, bullies are toxic because they are in terrible pain, so please join me in envisioning my bully and bullies everywhere soaking in healing until their fingers get all pruny.


All of you who write in and call or pull me aside with words of praise about your experiences with LIT are the reason I keep doing this work. It warms my heart to hear about your finding a Beloved, experiencing healing, deepening your connection with your partner, and so much more with these 5,000-year-old tools I, too, have found powerfully beneficial. We have a right to Tantra education without being harassed. Peace be with us all.


Big hugs,


Leah Kenyon is the Grand Valley’s premier Tantra educator, dedicated to helping couples discover deep intimacy and sexual satisfaction, and helping individuals manifest relationships of their dreams in classes and affordable private sessions. To book, call 242-5094 or email Leah@LivinginTantra.com


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