Tantra Date Night July 23 at 7 pm

July 11, 2016


Sex Magic Can Help Your Dreams Come True


Sex magic, or magick as you'll sometimes see it, is the delightful process of using erotic energy as rocket fuel for launching your dreams into the cosmos, where there are infinite stores for making them come true. You can wield sex magic alone or with a partner, and you can employ it as much as you want with no adverse side effects.


It sounds simple enough, but the trick is to do it. Oftentimes, sexual energy gets away from me. I get wrapped up in receiving pleasure, or of making sure my partner is having a good time, and then before I know it I've forgotten about wanting my dream to come true as we're both getting ready to doze off. So have a pact before you begin having sex, or better yet, enter into a 5-step temple ceremony with sex magic as your exercise for the night. Here's a sample:


1. Set up the temple. Prepare your space focused on your five senses. Tidy up. Light candles and incense. Arrange for wine, chocolates, mints, or fresh fruit. Play soft music.


2. Open your temple. Sit across from one another, preferably naked or dressed in soft, sexy clothing, and perform these four rituals:


* Call on the Great Spirit/God/Goddess/Source to be present for your ceremony.

* Create an intention to give and receive only love. Seal it by offering one another a sip of wine or a chocolate or mint to savor.

* As you savor the flavor, meditate on your and your Beloved's perfection.

* Dedicate the energy of your temple to your dream coming true.


3. Sink into pleasuring each other. Really let go and follow what feels good as you touch and accept touch. Think about everything you love about your partner, and delight in feeling deeply loved. At the point of orgasm, remind one another of your dreams. Maybe you are giving your man a delightful hand job. When he cums, say, "I bless your plans to connect with high-powered business people. I bless your desire to grow your business to six figures." When you receive the blessing, notice how sweet it is to combine your orgasm with the joy of feeling your dream realized.


4. Spend time curled up in purposeful nurturing of one another. Soak in the feeling of joy of having your dream come true, of being supported by your Beloved.


5. Close your temple. Sit across from one another as you did before in step 2. Talk about what it felt like to have your Beloved pleasure you and support your dream. Choose a word of phrase to describe that feeling, place your hand on your heart, and say it aloud. This anchors the feeling. Whenever you want to return to feeling this way, place your hand on your heart and say your phrase. Finally, as a symbol that it's OK to put your attention elsewhere now, blow out your candles together.


Make time for sex magic on July 23 when we'll be performing a modified ritual at Tantra Date Night. The temple is prepared for you! Two glasses of wine, candles, a full-sized Chocolove bar, mints and a rose are my gifts to you. Space is very limited, so reservations are required. Partial nudity is welcome and encouraged. To protect guest privacy, address is given upon registration. $60 suggested donation. Bring your dreams! Call 970/242-5094.

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