• Dakini Leah

Dakini Leah in Albuquerque March 16-18!

I don't have any students in Albuquerque--I've never brought Tantra there before! So, why am I doing it now?

My mother is a 70-year-old widow living in her dream house in Sandia Park. Last year, her husband died, and the house and isolation isn't conducive to her next season of life. Stairs. Crazy things when your legs don't work that well. Twelve acres in the mountains. Seems like triple that when you need to pop to the pharmacy or even worse, wait for an ambulance. Lately, the dream house feels like a younger family's dream, and so it is. The house sold a few weeks ago--after months of being on the market. Ma's leaving March 25 to return to her native home of Beacon, NY, where her sister and daughter live. It's the right move for her, and things have to move quickly now.

I have three strapping boys here in Grand Junction who are just the ticket. We're planning last minute to go down for a last hurrah sort of spring break, the last time they will see Grandma Margaret for a while, to experience the bittersweet joy of hauling furniture into a storage pod and seeing Ma onto her next season.

If you live in the Albuquerque area and have always wanted to study Tantra, but it has always seemed too expensive, now's your chance for trade! Do you have a camper you'd be willing to loan out in exchange for a soul-melding, hands-on private Tantra session? Let's talk. I also have room for one other couple's session. I'm only in Albuquerque for a few days, so now's the time to reach out.

Call or text me at 970-242-5094 for your FREE thirty minute discovery call.

Dakini Leah is a Certified Tantra Educator. Since 2013, she's helped singles and couples use their sexual energy for healing, intimacy, and self-development, so they can love and be loved more deeply than they ever dreamed.