• Leah Kenyon, CTE

Samanta - The universal party!

When my spirit guide first appear to me, she twirled like a whirling dervish. That 360 degree celebration is a pattern repeated throughout Nature and the Heavens, and it's the basis of samanta, an awareness of All That Is in all directions from your body to eternity.

Practicing samanta paves the way for an experience of the universal consciousness one can reach in Tantric sexual ecstasy.

I'll have three new samanta meditations for you in this week's Worldwide, LIVE Tantric meditation Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6:15 am MST at fb.me/livingintantra.

Your comments at every meditation are warmly welcome! We are a community, and you are deeply and unconditionally loved.

Update: Catch today's meditation here.

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