• Dakini Leah

Cuddle Yoga Gets a New Name

In January you read about how Dave and Joyce wanted to bring Cuddle Yoga back and hosted a class in their living room. We had a wonderful turn out that night, including a guest who could change the fate of the class. Many of you know Mathew McRobbie owner of one of the fastest growing studios in Grand Junction, B Yoga. Mathew had been following Cuddle Yoga for two years but could never bring himself to try it because, well, the name sounded funny. Joyce insisted he not judge the experience for its title. "I was amazed," Mathew said after class. "I felt very safe to go deep with the exercises." After only one class Mathew asked if I would offer Cuddle Yoga at his studio, with one caveat--that I change the name. Cuddle Yoga has been Cuddle Yoga for years! It seemed so odd to me to change the name, almost like renaming my own child. Mathew took the liberty of a little market research, and 100% of the respondents who'd never heard of the class before would not attend based on its name. Pooh. So Cuddle Yoga is now In Touch Yoga. The name is new but the class is still all the great exercises you know and love. Unless, of course, you're new to the whole idea. In that case, keep reading.

Loneliness is an epidemic in modern America, with health detriments even worse than cigarette smoking. Unless you're a member of an affectionate family who lives nearby, or in a healthy romantic relationship, the human touch you need to stay healthy is dangerously elusive. Add a draining workstyle, like working with children or with patients in health care, and your risk of anxiety, depression, or physical illness increases.

Take Dierdra as an example. No, it's not her real name, but she is a real person, and if you've read this far you probably have something in common with her. She's a single lady in her early 40's who works as a swing schedule floor nurse. Dierdra has a hard time dating because she never knows what her schedule is going to look like. At the end of her shift she feels drained and exhausted, but if she gets off during the day she has a hard time sleeping. Her work is rewarding (for the most part), but petty work politics and combative patients are draining on her spirit. Dierdra came to Cuddle Yoga regularly to soak in community and nourishing human touch until meeting a wonderful man, who now provides her with the cuddling she needs to unwind.

Not everyone who comes to In Touch Yoga is single. Dennis (not his real name, either) grew up in a family that wasn't affectionate, and even though he's in a loving relationship, he finds his need for human touch is more than his relationship can provide. In Touch Yoga is the perfect way for him to get the extra touch he craves without "cheating" on his partner.

So what is In Touch Yoga? It's not an exercise class, and you don't need a mat or a partner. Over the course of two hours, participants are led in safe, enjoyable touch-based exercises into deeper levels of touch. By the end of class, everyone feels safe enough to join the Cuddle Puddle--a free for all where people can ask for and receive any sort of healthy platonic touch they like: back rubs, foot massage, even spooning.

Research shows delicious, healthy platonic touch offers amazing health benefits. It boosts the immune system, improves digestion, slows aging, and staves off depression and anxiety--all with no side effects. And now it will be offered every third Friday at B Yoga all year long! A minimum of six participants are required for each class, so reservations are required. You can make your reservation on the B Yoga website--be sure and scroll down and you'll see In Touch Yoga in the line up with a loads of great classes. In Touch Yoga Friday, April 19 7 pm B Yoga $25 Reservations required.

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