• Leah Kenyon, CTE

Pulling Back the Curtain: Martin

"You are so deeply loved, every iota of every mitochondria of every cell in your body is known and adored, right here, right now. You don't need to do a single thing to earn the love." -Shakti to Martin

Martin is a 35-year-old alternative health practitioner who owns his own growing practice. He's familiar with chakras and energy movement, so we were able to dive into more advanced forms of Tantra practice almost from the get-go. This is Martin's third session, and today, he wanted to work on attracting a life partner.

Sexual energy can be used to create a kairos moment, an experience out of regular time, where the flesh becomes less of a focus, and a person touches beautiful, invisible things. I call it the gateway to the throne room of God. The 5-step Tantric ceremony is essential to reaching and protecting this state of consciousness. First, we prepared the temple by gathering our supplies and agreeing on the purpose of the exercises. Second, we performed some spiritual housekeeping: Martin and I agreed that we would not be entering into this spiritual, sexual temple personally, rather, as channels of Divine energy for one another, and that we would do it to call in his life partner. We agreed Spirit was with us, that our focus would be solely on each other, and that we could keep ourselves comfortable (take bathroom breaks or get water) so that our focus would not be distracted out of temple.

Then we lit our candle as a symbol our temple was open.

We sat comfortably across from each other on Martin's bed. I placed a plate of goodies between us and asked if Martin would care for a mint or chocolate or a cookie. He asked for a chocolate, and as I placed it in his mouth, I said, "It is my intention to give and receive only love in our temple. I give you this chocolate in love. Receive it in love." I asked him to savor the flavor in his mouth and contemplate his own perfection, that he was the Martin manifestation of Spirit, come to earth to experience his journey perfectly. When Martin finally opened his eyes, his face had softened, and he almost seemed transformed just from that opening exercise.

The housekeeping complete, we were ready for step three, the exercises of the evening. Quieted and refreshed, Martin was ready now to tell me about the relationship he wanted to experience. He listed the traits of his perfect partner, his eyes sparkling: she's kind and helpful to her patients. She's a practitioner, like he is. She's youthful, healthy, vibrant, playful, funny, sexy. She enjoys being outdoors and going on adventures. Before the session, Martin had asked for a soft-full body touch to help him sink into trance, and it was time for that touch now. We lay down together on his bed, as I repeated the traits he wanted. Our objective was to help him feel like it feels to be with her.

Calling on that vibration, we both entered into Tantric trance. We felt her presence join us, and I invited Martin to imagine my body was hers as he spent some time with her invisible spirit. Martin received my touch as her touch, and I received his touch on her behalf. I free associated a vision of their relationship as I felt it in the vibration: she was young, sweet, and fresh like a ripe

oranges. I saw pink sheets on his bed and a box of tampons under the sink. I felt her sadness and frustration and anger and the times Martin could comfort her. I felt her deep love for him, a longevity in their relationship as they explored and expanded their psyches together. I felt that they would know each other down to details, that she would know what his bedhead would look like in the morning. In one beautiful moment, Martin brushed his lips against mine, and I could taste the big blue sky, the tall meadow grass, the sentinel mountains all around their campsite, as if she felt one with nature in his kiss.

As I sank deeper into my trance, I entered a 5th dimensional consciousness, a place of pure Beingness, where I could feel the Divine Feminine's love and full awareness of Martin, a place where Shiva and Shakti are one, and the human experience is mainly an illusion. "You're so focused on being a human," Shakti said, chidingly. And then She poured on Her love on Martin, as if to say, the relationship he is looking for already exists now on the cosmic level. Shiva and Shakti ARE.

Step four is to hold one another quietly, and as we did, kundalini shot through me in waves of confirmation as I spoke a loud the impressions of their togetherness. The energy of our temple began to soften, and we returned to our awareness as fully human, so Martin and I decided to close our temple, step five. We resumed our position sitting across from one another. We talked about all we had experienced, and what he wanted to take away. He said there was a part of him that wondered if he were worthy of such a relationship, and I assured him that indeed he is--he is creating it! It was his vibration we'd been soaking in. I guided Martin to anchoring his delicious feeling with the phrase of his choosing, "Empowered." We thanked the presence of Spirit, and as the final closing exercise, blew out our candle. Our temple was closed.

Martin fell back on the bed with his hands in his hair, blown away by what he'd experienced, and asking for another session soon. (Oh, yes!) I asked him to journal his temple time as soon as he could, either by writing or making an audio file, so he can could retain as much as the experience as possible. The session is only hours old as I write this, and I am certain his invisible goddess will be in his arms soon.

Leah Kenyon is a certified Tantra Educator through the Ahuna School of Tantra and serves the Roaring Fork and Grand Valleys of Colorado. She offers public classes and private sessions for couples and individuals to help them achieve healing, intimacy and self-development with their sacred sexual energy.

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