• Leah Kenyon, CTE

Monday Night Bedtime Tantra

My goal is to bring Tantra to the people it was originally intended to serve: YOU, the common householder. YOU, the hardworking, stressed out, overwhelmed person who dreamed of happily ever, but who finds the reality a lot more complicated than that.

The trouble is, most Tantra course are expensive, happen in exotic places, or just take too much time. With kids to feed and get to soccer practice, the grocery shopping, the yardwork, and the car needing new tires, who has the time or money to run off to Hawaii for a week's couples retreat?

It'd be awesome someday, but you need connection right now.

Who has the time or money? That's exactly the question the original creators of Tantra asked themselves when they realized few can withdraw to a monastic lifestyle to meditate for years on end to find God. Tantra is a life philosophy, a series of exercises, designed to work cheaply and quickly to connect your soul to intimacy, healing, and self-development. It's meant to be used right now. You want to invest in your relationship; it just needs to be a whole lot easier.

So, I am in process of designing a brand new class just for couples like you. Monday Night Bedtime Tantra will come to you! It'll be a LIVE broadcast you can watch from the cozy privacy of your own bedroom. I'll introduce you to a new, simple, juicy Tantric exercise you two can enjoy right before drifting off to sleep together. It airs at 9 pm MST, so you can put the kids to bed--no babysitter required! If 9 pm doesn't work for you, you can watch the broadcast whenever it works for both of you. Best of all, it's affordable. Four classes for $20. That's a savings of 75%!

Monday Night Bedtime Tantra makes investing in your relationship simple and affordable. Ready to learn more? Email me at livingintantra@gmail.com to get on the list for the very first series!

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