• Leah Kenyon, CTE

Pulling Back the Curtain: AJ

AJ texted me at 4 am after a sleepless night: he was torn apart with thoughts of his family broken by divorce. Almost two years had gone by, the reality of it was sinking in. He felt he'd lost the dream of a happy, stable home, where he and his wife would raise their sons with family traditions so ingrained they'd be passed onto grandchildren. He was grieving the loss of his wife and the pain his sons were experiencing growing up in two homes.

In year and a half I'd been working with AJ, I'd never seen him this sad. I asked if he could meet me for a session that morning.

All my Tantra sessions are 5-step ceremonies based on a model thousands of years old. Step One is to prepare. I asked AJ to let me rub his feet while we talked about his dream of happy, stable home where family members felt loved, where there was laughter and goofing off, a feeling of security and longevity lasting generations. Holding that warm vibration as the focus for our session, we moved into Step Two, which is recognizing the presence of God with us, dedicating our ceremony to AJ's big dream, promising to give and receive only love during session, and seeing one another as perfectly created in God's image.

For Step 3, the exercise portion of the ceremony, I invited AJ onto the massage table, where he received loving touch for over an hour to raise his energy from sadness to relaxation. In AJ's aura I could feel his dream percolating. I saw him standing in front of a crackling fire, wearing a plaid flannel shirt, his sons grown and married. I could hear his boys and their wives talking and laughing together as they came into the house, shedding warm coats, bringing food into the kitchen. Grandchildren ran through the house. It was so real it was almost a memory. As I spoke the words aloud, AJ teared up. I encouraged AJ to hold that wonderful picture as his energy rose, to surrender to it, to bring it to fruition on a wave of his erotic tranquility (I love that phrase).

After the touch step was completed, I curled up behind AJ and held him for Step 4. This oxytocin-releasing step is called nurturing, and it allows a student's emotional work to seep down from his upper dantien (his mind) into his mid dantien (his heart), where in time it can become part of Who He Is, or his lower dantien, his gut reaction. Plus, it just feels wonderful to be held!

At our closing ceremony, Step 5, I asked AJ what his tears meant. He said just that morning his mother had asked if he could host Christmas at his house this year, and it meant his brother and wife and niece and nephew would be coming, as well as his grandmother and two sons. He said he could see himself standing by his fireplace, wearing his plaid flannel shirt, having the very family Christmas he so deeply wants.

"You're dream is coming true right now," I observed. "You don't have to wait for grandchildren! Given what you've told me, none of this would have been possible with your ex-wife, and now you're realizing you don't even have to wait to be in relationship for it to happen."

AJ left floating on a cloud. I love seeing students in that raised vibration because that is sat nam, the authentic self. Humans are meant to live in delight and happiness, and that's why the art of using pleasure to become who you want to be is so effective.

That afternoon AJ sent very different texts. One was a declaration he was getting a new oven for Christmas dinner. The other was a photo of his plaid flannel shirt.

That's the powerful medicine of Tantra.

Big love, Dakini Leah, CTE

Leah Kenyon is a Certified Tantra Educator helping people employ their sexual energy for healing, intimacy, and self-development. She serves Colorado's Grand and Roaring Fork Valleys with classes and affordable private sessions. To book, call 242-5094 or email LivingInTantra@gmail.com