Maithuna Garden

Four Home Sessions. Nudity optional. Prerequisite: Tantric Essentials for Beloveds or previous Tantra training. A deeply intimate series of advanced Tantric skills, culminating in the Maithuna Ceremony, the highest level of Oneness possible for human lovers. This ten hour series includes white Tantra techniques for maintaining emotional health, advanced Tantric massage techniques, how to read each other's energy, advanced energy sharing techniques, and kama sutra positions. The final session is Maithuna, when you two will playfully and creatively share all your Tantric knowledge of intention, meditations, and energy exchange. Each section of the rite is carefully explained and then you and your Beloved are given complete privacy to complete the sacred exercises. Full nudity is encouraged for the ceremony. Candles, incense, mints, chocolates, and roses for each session are included. Suggested donation $1,200.