About Living in Tantra

Living in Tantra is a way of life. There is a Tantra for every human experience. It's the art of using pleasure to wake up to the divine person you are. It's the understanding that between any two people there is a holy temple. It's the recognition that in whatever you do, you have a powerful opportunity to give and receive love, whether it's popping an orange slice in the glass of water for your co-worker, choosing to eat local produce to love Mother Earth, listening without judgement to validate your son's learning experience, or being completely present when making love to your Beloved.  Living in Tantra is practicing the art of love. LIT is pleased to offer many courses on a donation basis, cash or trade, believing what you give comes back many-fold. Tantra was developed for the "common householder" and should be available to everyone who wants it, regardless of financial situation. 

Our Mission and Vision

LIT is dedicated to providing affordable Tantra education to strengthen relationships, highlight human connection with the Divine, and support worldwide, peaceful co-existence. We believe every person is worthy of Tantric expression regardless of race, sexual orientation, disability, gender, age, or physical appearance.